• CNG is up to 40% cheaper & up to 80% cleaner
  • All applications are availble in CNG
  • Financing Available

2014 Isuzu NPR CNG

Dedicated CNG or Bi Fuel CNG Packages

CNG Isuzu trucks provide unprecedented fuel savings, require less maintenance and provide longer engine life. Use of CNG in Isuzu trucks reduce pollutions, project a better company image while protecting you from ever rising gasoline prices! There are many other benefits from implementing CNG Isuzu trucks in your fleet.

Benefits of CNG Isuzu NPR truck

CNG will provide the following benefits in addition to proven reliability and safety of Isuzu NPR:


CNG is a Cheaper Fuel

CNG is on average 40% cheaper than diesel or gasoline


CNG helps to meet goverment mandates

By switching to CNG you will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint your company now has


CNG Vehicle Operates Quieter

Natural Gas vehicles produce less noise when operating therefore would be a better fit for any community


Greener Company Image

Driving CNG vehicle will allow your company to project a better image and underline your commitment to cleaner air


CNG Vehicles require less maintenance

Because CNG burns so cleanly, maintenance costs are low and the time between tune ups and oil changes are extended resulting in less engine wear and tear.


CNG produces up to 80% less tailpipe pollution

Running your fleet on CNG will help to reduce your company's CO2 footprint and reduce environmental pollutions


CNG is a domesticlally produced fuel

CNG produced in US and by using it you will be supporting local economy and creating American jobs


CNG is the safest Alternative fuel in use today

In the event of a spill, because natural gas is lighter than air it disperses quickly when released. It is nontoxic and it has a higher ignition temperature than gasoline and diesel fuel, which reduces the chances of accidental ignition.


Using CNG helps To Increase National Security

By replacing foreign oil with natural gas that is domestically produced you will help to build stronger national independence


It is Abundant resource

The latest studies reported that US have over 100 years of Natural Gas


Oil Price Volatility

Unlike gasoline and diesel that depend on price of oil, CNG is projected to have a steady pricing in foreseeable future


CNG Technologies Are Advanced

The CNG technology today provides driver with equal or superior experience compare to gasoline or diesel operated vehicles.


Switching to CNG is strong strategic move for your company

CNG has many more advantages besides economical and ecological. By switching to CNG you will possibly provide your company with competitive edge

LEGO Flexibility

3 Piece Plug and Play Solution For Your Business




Holding: up to 7YRS; Cost $35K +


CNG Conversion (Kit+Tanks)


Life Expectancy: Tanks – up to 20+ YRS Conversion kit – up to 15 YRS Total Cost: $18K+


Box / Bed


Life Expectancy: 15 YRS; Cost $5K+

Majority of the conversion system cost is associated with CNG fuel tanks, which have 20+ years life expectancy. After initial purchase, the CNG tanks can be transferred for use on future Isuzu trucks. By reusing the same tanks you will dramatically decrease the cost of your future replacement CNG powered Isuzu truck purchase. CNG Systems can easily be removed and the vehicle can be converted back to operate on gasoline. This provides clients with flexibility to sell the vehicle in its original form at the end of the use cycle.

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